[CLOSED] Request for banishment on general insult towards my person


Reporter username: ( DodoFT34 )
Reported user: ( iamtoojake )


I also report this player, because “iamtoojake” insults me as a nigga, and stuff behind my back. I’m starting to understand who my friends are and who aren’t doing really well. I have proof of him and his insults. I mean I’m overwhelmed by him.

( He forces me to become a Raider, he spams me and it annoys me. I want to say who left the GAR group. So no means of talking to him. Anyway, if you pass by, congratulations, you was despised me with your words.)

He said " u nigga, Suck me and more. (He detlete a lot of message, but you can DM me.

If this link doesn’t work, send me a DM, via the GAR discord.

( He insults me, stalks me, chases me in all the games and events I play: patrol, General Training Outpost, and more. All that to say, ban it, please. )

Hi there,

This is an issue mainly reserved for the discord moderation team.

This section of the forums is reserved for in-game violations of republic law.

Status: Denied :x: