[CLOSED] Republic Commando rker


Reporter username: Alavuss
Reported user: Sugardabest
He rking every nongar who get closer to him then 50 studs.
There is alot more not recorded. He just killing me when i looking on him

(Dm for more proofs and he rked me in 41st morph)

I support this report. The dude sugardabest always randomly TKing GAR personel aswell. I even got a video where I was bing chilling shopping in the spawn store and he killed me for some reason. He needs to get #cancelled.

I was just RK’d by another RC, so apparently RC just get to RK now? He RK’d 6 times, 2 of them were also TK.

dude was already told by NotxDispatch then kills me and leaves game XD. Your also not allowed to go pass fence on raider morph so idk where im rking lol and I love how your a divisional and not aware of that.

says the man attempting to tk divisionals and not going at post lol make more fake excuses.

How DARE you accuse of such treasonous crimes??? 1v1 me rn.

It’s not fake. Rewatch my proof or remind yourself what you did.

Lol mando morph = raider morph. Raider morph going pass fence = KOS. Clear? or must someone higher than me tell you so you get even more humiliated?

Hi there,

You were killed as you jumped over the fence while in the raider morph (you were also standing on the catwalk which is also restricted to immigrants).

In this video, it is not possible to see him killing “every non-gar he sees” as you stated. I won’t take any actions against the user.

However, if you think you are correct, feel free to re-post this report with additional evidence.

Status: Denied :x:

Have a nice day!