[CLOSED] (Repost)] Ungame Ban

Username: (LandedAsh)
Ban reason: (TKing a Developer)


I killed the developer because he was using the force to throw around other GAR members, and since he didn’t have a tag saying any GAR rank that is on the promotion list from the in-game Promotion/Power NPC I killed him thinking he was an immigrant. Right after I was banned from the game for about 3-4 hours for TKing a developer. I was a corporal before I was banned and lost power. I hadn’t killed anyone else on the server because I had just joined the server and was on it for ~5-10 minutes before I killed the developer. In my defense, he wasn’t wearing the officer or trooper/cadet/divisional armor and he had just come from the immigrant bridge.

Killed dev that was using force on a trooper thinking the dev was an immigrant and got banned for ~3-4 hours and most likely lost 1 or more power points. Repost because last one was closed because I didn’t have original rank. It was Corporal.

Photo Proof:

Hi there,

This is not appealable.

Enjoy the rest of the year, and I wish you the best not only during Christmas, but all the way to the end of your journey, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :christmas_tree:

Appeal Status: Denied :no_entry: