[CLOSED] (Repost, No Response for a few weeks.) Banned for a false reason


Username: AnonymouSanta_claus
Discord: anti.#0123
Discord Id: 816253579479482419
Ban reason: Exploiting (False)

You should unban me as I have not done anything wrong. It has been a few weeks since I was banned, I was so close to joining CG and was banned for joining a Combat Training and being good. This is unfair. I haven’t done anything? There was also no evidence of me doing it provided. If this wasn’t the reason to my ban, I deeply apologise for whatever I have done as Coruscant was the only game I really enjoyed playing on ROBLOX. I’ve tried to contact Coruscant Moderators on discord, and none of them have Direct Messages open. I really want to be unbanned, and I hope the moderators read this and respond.

I will briefly explain on how I was banned. I felt like joining a Combat Training to earn some points so I can gain access to the next rank more quickly, and I was doing really well. I even got MVP. Suddenly, I was being assumed of exploiting, and was banned for it for literally being in first person. I was only testing how I could do in first person, and if it was any better. I guess not. I was gradually getting worse, and decided to go back to third person, and was popping off again. I was assumed of exploiting by multiple people, and was banned by a moderator. If “Exploiting” wasn’t the case of my ban, again, I deeply apologise for whatever I have done and I swear it will not happen again.

Moderators, please be appeal this. If this does not get accepted, I understand and will not return.


Already answered on this one in the previous topic.