[CLOSED] Reporting user for Improper Conduct


Reporter username: Surfy622
Reported user: Sinking_Bray


Okay well I want to see if this is a report good enough for forums but I had a divisional in 104th (XO I believe) Sinking_Bray shoot me while I was in my b1 morph. I went up to him to ask if he could stop using alter because he killed me with alter last life and he shot me for “following him”. He said they were “warning shots” but he obviously dealt damage to me. I believe the law broken here is NOT TK because he didn’t fully kill me but Improper Conduct.



This is not punishable, but I will be talking to 104th HiCOM regarding the shooting incident. Thank you for reporting this matter to us.

Status: Denied, will talk to 104th HiCOM regarding this :x: