[CLOSED] Reporting to GAR admin the user nigboi2222 for racist insults



In a Star Wars Coruscant Server, i found the user nigboi2222 (Cadet Rank) Saying Insults with the N word and normal insults to other trooper and divisionals.

( Detailed description of the suggestion / feedback )


( Any helpful resources - videos / images )

I Will put here the screenshots of the scene and the user screeshot.

I can`t put more screenshot cause it says i only can put one so i make more post with the other screenshoots.

why is everyone using this use #reports:players for reporting people

Oh ok thanks for that i didn`t answer.

Hi there,

Thank you for your patience, after processing your report and reviewing all relevant information, I have gone ahead and done the needful and the reported user has been punished.

I would like to take the time to thank you for your report, as your contribution is what truly allows our community to grow and be an enjoyable experience for all.

Status: Handled :white_check_mark: