[CLOSED] Reporting the RK


Reporter username: 8flookinos8
Reported user: supergodmaster24


Basic rk.



bro are you done making RK reports? i hope none of the reports you’ve made got approved. you’ve only shown them killing you once and you could easily kill them then start recording. and from what i’ve seen, you dont have any special ranks and you’re an immigrant, so you’re supposed to line up and you cant free roam.

Agreed, if your gonna make a report, show yourself freshly spawning in. Otherwise you could have spliced the video easily.

Hi there,

The users have been punished for Random killing.

Thank you for your report.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark:


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Try to just stand there and you will have the same result every day. I don’t even provoke them. I’m surprised that you think is everyone knows the rules of this zone.

I understand that you are another person who is not able to read the elementary rules. As you can see, each of my reports is approved. Also, do not be so toxic.

it got accepted and punished. this is so fucking dumb. i cant believe how easy it is to get someone punished if they kill you once. no fkn way. ive lost faith in humanity. i didnt know the ability of a brain to malfunction could go this far.

im not toxic, im just pointing out facts. im sorry to hear that you have so much free time and go around a roblox game not even to have fun, but to piss off other people.

First, don’t insult the officer. Secondly, I have lost faith in humanity who do not read the rules in the game where they can be punished for trifles in your opinion.

I have a lot of free time and this is my time. I catch violators, I do work for the community.

didnt insult the officer. get a life. end of the conversation.

Never said that. I’m saying get solid proof. Something could have easily happened off camera, try showing your bounty or proof you didn’t do something before the recording otherwise most officers will straight up deny your report. It’s advice, don’t flack me.

Also @howie, you forgot to lock the topic.

If I am asked to upload more than a full video, I do not mind. So far so good.