[CLOSED] Reporting rker of gar

Reporter username: Sierravgh
Reported user: LjJason08

A power abuser rk me
He rked me when I was in the legal zone for inmigrants


Hi there,

Unfortunately, I’d need a little more than just a screenshot of your dead body before I can process your report.

So if you have any video evidence, create a new report and attach it on there.

Status: Denied :x:


Ok, I understand, but for confirm, the trooper that is in the image have a weapon equiped, look the arms of he. He is the RKer.
That could be enough? I don’t have more proofs…. :c

Necesita algo más que una imagen de su cuerpo, necesita un video o un GIF de ellos despidiéndolo, luego puede proporcionar pruebas suficientes.