[CLOSED] Reporting RK (Darkside1489)

Reporter username: Leprechaunlauch
Reported user: Darkside1489

So, I was strolling around the city, heading to the bank. I wasn’t breaking any laws, and then I saw a spec threatening to TK a trooper. I jokingly said “Don’t TK, the ketchup guards are watching”. Then, out of nowhere, a sergeant (Darkside1489) rained hellfire on me, RK’ing me.

A little bit after, I confronted dark side and informed him that he will be reported for RK. After some bickering, I started to walk away, and that’s when Darkside killed me a second time.

Proof: Reporting an RK - YouTube

Hi there,

Thank you for your report, I’ve gone ahead and punished the user!

Status: Completed :white_check_mark:

Have a nice day!