[CLOSED] Reporting Random-Kill

Reporter username: ( Leprechaunlauch )
Reported user: ( CommandChiefFounder )

I was waiting in line, and a trooper (ElevatorYoda) asked me “name and planet”. I informed ElevatorYoda that it’s not required to ask for name and planet. ElevatorYoda insisted that it is required, and another clone (CommandChiefFounder) said something along the lines of “it is required”, and then ElevatorYoda said “T”, which encouraged CommandChiefFounder to random-kill me.

I respawned again, informing ElevatorYoda that they will be reported for random-kill. Not so long after, CommandChiefFounder RK’ed me again.

Proof: R.K 2.0 - YouTube

Thank you for your report, the above user has been dealt with accordingly; if you experience anything alike the above within the near future, don’t hesitate to submit another report.

Report Status: Handled :white_check_mark: