[CLOSED] Reporting gamesgerniyoutube. Disgusting


Reporter username: ( 00bloxboy00alt )
Reported user: ( gamesgerniyoutube )


( Harassed and tked an innocent immigrant and said ez after )


( I also have a video of the incident, but cant upload it here


Thank you for your report. Unfortunately this isn’t enough evidence for me to take action. In the future for these types of reports, record it if you can so we are able to capture the whole context of the situation.

Report Status: Denied/Closed

Best regards,

I literally told u it doesnt allow me to upload the video. So how do you expect me to upload the full context? I can just send it to you in the discord.

Can you just upload it to youtube, or another service for example vimeo, if you do this you can send the link of the video here and we can view it