[CLOSED] Reporting for RK & HEAVY Discrimination


Reporter username: VoidPrimus
Reported user: BrianOlson88


Mr. BrianOlson88 RK’d several timed, even got jailed for it but he also continuously used the R Word as well as other curse words, he even admitted to his account being an alt, whether that’s true or not, I do not know, this was witnessed by several different people which you can see in the video, even witnessed by CG Guardsmen THEODYNESPOG.


Points of interest in the Video;
• 0:58 - 01:14 (Attempted RK)
• 13:19 - 15:38 (Threatened IP Grab, Attempted Cursing, Said he was using an Alt)
• 18:18 - 18:25 (RK)
• 18:52 - End (Heavy Discrimination, Attempted RK, Heavy Attempts at Cursing)

Oh nice I reported the same person recently for racism.

Already punished.

  • Axel