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[CLOSED] Reporting an afk farmer


Reporter username: ( maxdoxnaxls)
Reported user: (MR_DOZIA )


( Describe why you are reporting the user ) - He was afk farming and jumping in the 187th legion room, i saw him on the map then i went to see why he’s not going out. And then i saw it.


( Attach any materials which would prove the player has abused ) Reporting MR_DOZIA in gar for afk farming - YouTube

You supposed to Take a SS first then take a second one 10 minutes after then kill the AFK farmer, not take a 20 second video.

I killed him, i waited 16 minutes, i was asking him if he afk then i made that video and reported him

Hi there,

Individual reported has been punished.

Status: ACCEPTED :white_check_mark: