[CLOSED] Reporting a random killer

Reporter username: ned00d

Reported user: RadeSuper15

Reason: I was wearing my trooper avatar and patiently waiting on lines, while some trooper approaches me and kills me claiming I’m “Fake trooper.” I don’t think it’s fair that GAR can force me to change skin just because it looks like one of them and after all killing me without even giving me a warning to change skin or something. I was trying to find rules about wearing avatar like this but yet didn’t find any of them telling me it’s a violation. I find this a random kill, if it’s not please correct me.

Proof: RK-ing me in GAR. - YouTube

It”s not rk. By right after they have given you a warning, they have the rights to terminate you if you don’t comply

Hey there.

This user has been punished. Thanks for the report.

Status: Handled :white_check_mark:

  • Axel