[CLOSED] Reporting a player


Reporter username: SnappyJaws15084
Reported user: gokusupersayain836


The user said “Yo grandma ded” and “ded as hell” as an insult targeted at me after I reminded him not to TK while he was in a cell. Possible divisional disrespect? I’m from the 41st.


Hi there,

Thank you for your report.
It seems that there is not enough information provided for me to look into this matter.

Please reply to this post with full details of the incident and proof of it’s occurrence.

As of now, this report is being placed on hold. You will have 24 hours to respond to this post, after which it will be automatically closed.
Please feel free to submit another report, and I’m sure another member of Staff will be happy to assist you.

Report Status: Pending :construction:


Hi there,

From the screenshots, it only showed the reported player being toxic, or even verbally insulted you. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about that. My advice, would be to ignore the player if you happen to come across the same thing again next time.

Only if he starts insulting your division would that counts as divisional disrespecting, but that isn’t shown in the screenshot you submitted. Right now this report is on hold until you provide further proof of the player insulting your division.

Anyways, thank you for letting us know this matter. I’d try my best to offer any help. See you around!


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