[CLOSED] Reporting a coruscant guard for RK me. His name is HGamer4532

Your name: mikmak1354
Date: 11/08/22
Rule that has been potentially violated: RK
User that has violated the law: HGamer4532
Details: I was wearing a mandalorian morph, and I was travelling around the city, not near the border, and suddently This riot approaches me and kills me. I came to him and asked him to stop and he killed me again. He really abused me and I want to report him for doing this.

video proof:

I also want to mention that I have never killed him or any other coruscant guard.

This appears to have been during a Coruscant Guard Patrol, they have the right to KOS you if they deem you a threat to the border/event. I will speak to the person you are reporting however, but we’ll see whether or not they will be punished. Thank you for your report.