[CLOSED] Reporting a Corporal TKing


Reporter username: TheGreenRocket
Reported user: yt_kreekcraftqa


After messing about with UvChara for a bit, I go to post and do some roleplay. As I am on my way to post - UvChara behind me - yt_kreekcraftqa pulls out a gun and tells him to post. He then proceeds to shoot UvChara and so me and UvChara stop him. I enter the interview gate and start to do my job. After a bit, I hear the doors open as yt_kreekcraftqa comes through the door with a weapon in hand.

After he enters, gun in hand, he proceeds to attack me (this is directly prior to the events in the video.) He fails to kill me and then I begin to record.

I believe that yt_kreekcraftqa should be administered the punishment for TKing both a corporal and divisional personelle for no valid reason. They attempted to Team Kill multiple times, and clearly realised that he was in the wrong when he left after discovering that UvChara was a discord mod.

Thank you for your time and I hope this gets sorted soon.


This video dictates the events that occured after 2 times of trying to TK me. The first time being trying to TK me as well as Discord Moderator UvChara (The divisional personel). The reason why I am low on health at the beginning is due to me pressing record after surviving the second attempt at TKing. The events that occur after this video is when he confronting me and UvChara, proceeding to alt-f4 after realising UvChara is a discord moderator and proceeds to get auto-muted for swearing at UvChara in public chats.

This is the momment when he discovers UvChara to be a Discord Moderator.

Thank you for your report!

I have handed out a sufficient punishment to the user reported. Thank you for your contribution!

Status: Solved :white_check_mark: