[CLOSED] Reporting a AFKing divisional and Tker/Rker and people thinking dooku is the emporor (divisionals and a CG)


Reporter username: akutosai579
Reported user:


Reporting a AFKing divisional and Tker/Rker and people thinking dooku is the emporor (divisionals and a CG)


Part 1 : LebElliot (41st) AFKing and rtjrdh (corporal) Tking me.

Part 2 : LebElliot AFKing

Part 1 : so5555566666 (327th) divisional TKing me (story why he did it)

Part 2 : so5555566666 (327th) divisional TKing me

Part 3 : telling me a “reason” why he was allowed to kill me.(Not actually telling me a reason)

Part 1 :
so5555566666 (327th) divisional
amelka727 (104th) divisional
PabloM12341 (Corporal)
episode9trash (104th) divisional
CJQ1000 (Courscant Guard) divisional
DANIELderrTYP (dooku moprh)


Sadly most of the clips i had got coorupted (idk why) they did a fake training and rked more immigrants because dooku gave them the order to do so.

I hope its not to much and you ( the moderator) will be able to go through it quick.

Hello Akuto,

After reviewing all of the evidence that was sent by you, the right course of action in terms of reporting divisionals is to report it to their divisional HICOM. In this case, report these divisionals to their Company Commander. If you want to contact a Company Commander, look into that specific division’s roblox group, find their username, and ping them in the GAR discord. Message them and forward this exact report to them if you want action to be taken against these individuals. As for the Corporal who TKed you, that gets taken care of through the automatic in-game ban system.

Although I appreciate this well put report, this is unfortunately not the correct place to do so. This category is meant to report GAR members who are unlawfully breaking Republic Laws in-game, such as RK, SK, TK, etc. This is not the place to report divisionals, in that case, you report it to their Company Commander instead via discord.

Thank you for your time.

Report status: Denied :x: