[CLOSED] Reasons of why I kill other Gar member.(they did not post/accidentally)


Username: ( Acelion81 )
Ban reason: ( Teamkill )


I got ban because I kill a trooper because him or her did not want to leave the booth. A few moment later, I also accidentally kill a trooper while trying to kill a immigrant that fail the question in the booth. The last one is because the trooper did not want to post after repeatly asking him or her. I hope you understand my reason.

I have no one to vouch for me or confirm my story. I hope I could get unban as fast as possible.BTW i lost some power.

Hi there,

I apologize for the delay, but it appears you have already been unbanned; the next time you appeal, please include the exact amount of power lost, and I will restore it to you. I recommend that you do not kill anyone because it will result in an automatic ban; instead, find a divisional and inform him.

Appeal Status: Unfounded :no_entry: