[CLOSED] Re-post because I didn't put the correct ID


Username: ( reubs, (Or duhhhitsreuben) )
Discord: ( #0970)
Discord Id: ( 636990402158919683 )
Ban reason: ( 2 years underage Repost)


Banned for being 11

I saw a community engagement application and I did stuff on it but didn’t submit it, then I asked a mod if I had to be 13+ Then next minute I got banned saying I had filled the form in when I hadn’t, they had just assumed that I had filled it in, I would never fill in something that I don’t know the requirements for. (Repost)


The information you’re giving me is very confusing; I assume you’re still eleven, so you can appeal in 2024; I’ll be here then, and I’ll gladly process your appeal.

Your appeal has been denied,