[CLOSED] Random killing ... but not rly... idk... i hope you wil understand ... i wiln wait for a answeer

Username: :purple_heart:GojoLeMaitre​:purple_heart:
Reason: Random killing

Hello sir, I got banned for 3 mounth for random killing. BUT it’s was not exactly random killing i wil explain. I TERM immigrant only if they:

don’t listen, dont stay on red line, have weapon without valable reason, use jetpack for pass. And when they kill orthers GAR

It’s not random killing. I only do mi job… I don’t understand why i got banned it’s not random killing for me. It’s mi job…:sob::sob: If i do anything false i never should do it again accepte mi excuse

I hope you wil understand me i will wait for a answeer of you

Hi there.

You are not banned. Please double check your username and if you are actually banned.

  • Axel