[CLOSED] Random Killing, Along with TK and SK


Reporter username: ( Freedom000001 )
Reported user: ( MadCity_best1 )


Warrent Officer
( Describe why you are reporting the user )
Madcity_best1 is on civilan team RK, SK, and TK, not only me but other civilian players. He killed me 1st and I shot me, then proceed to threaten and target me. He contantly continue to do this without reason. I even stated that he started it and he replied ‘‘I dont care’’, ‘‘IDC’’.


No proof due to being all in an instant and continous forcing me off spawn by using the force.
( Attach any materials which would prove the player has abused )

Thank you for your report, though without evidence I’m unable to deal with the situation; if you have any evidence of the above, don’t hesitate to submit another report.

  • Next time, it is required for you to provide some sort of evidence alongside your initial report.

Report Status: Denied :x: