[CLOSED] Raiders Sking at spawn


Reporter username: ( Reporting on behalf of My_Raider)
Reported user: ( HappyAbnormal)


( I was in game minding my own business when this user started shooting at me and sking me. When I called my friend Giorn0g1ovanna for help the user I am reporting started losing so bad he resorted to reporting Giorn0. I think that if Giorn0 gets banned for what happened the user HappyAbnormal should be as well. Happy has been harassing me in the game and my friends for weeks I don’t see any end. Gar moderation pls help and ban this man )


( https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1010433506058457151/1011741489228943390/MedalTVRoblox20220821171958.mp4 )

LOL, he started sking first and that was just an attempt anyway :skull_and_crossbones:

excuses you jump us 24/7 ingame like today

lol ur lying, its clear you guys tracking us and anti raiding us

i didnt even attack you at all, only attacked you once u decided to open fire on us

wtf its just you walking lmao?

its clear ur tracking him down to sk him giorno is just there to help him and u report him u deserve a perm ban

lol ur joking. sk isnt even a perm ban and i reported gio for many sks. he was in there with no proof of my raider in there. I showed full server list. raider joins our games and we dont attack until he decides to first

Cap ingame today i tried talking to u and u and a_pot started killing me thats how ik u guys are capping

He did not kill anyone in the video so I am unable to take any actions. - howardistoogood