[CLOSED] Power reset appeal


Username: ( vMax_Dev )
Discord User: ( maxzee#9137)
Reason of power reset: ( Community Blacklist )


(Hi there, I just want to say that I am very sorry for my actions causing me to get a community blacklist, but I am now off that ban but my power got reset, I know this is huge ask, but would you be able to return my original power or even half or less, I really don’t mind too much, but whoever is reading this could you please take this into consideration because I have spent over 96 hours on coruscaunt and it would really do me a favour if I could get some of that time back, even if you decline this offer I am still thankful for reading this and hopefully we can find a solution, I know this is a huge ask but I would be over the moon and extremely grateful if we work some things out :smiley:
Best regards,
vMax_Dev )

We do not appeal the power removed from high treason.

You have to play the game or attend events to earn your power back.

Status: Denied :x: