[CLOSED] Possible Red Guard legion flaming?


Username: ( officialflixcuhh )
Discord: ( Xtsumai#1598 )
Discord Id: ( 792886199995465728 )
Ban reason: ( Red Guard flaming )


( Greetings, I once again appeal for my ban that happend a year+ ago, So what happend is I wen’t in general chat and I saw some people talk about Red Guards this and that I decided to have my own opinion and I said “RG is stupid” Now I don’t really see the problem with having my own opinion about a legion it was also not my intention to flame RG with those words it was just an honest opinion that I made and then it turned out it was a bad idea to have my own opinion now this all happend a year ago and I guess you could say that I learned from my own mistake and won’t do such thing again, once again this happend a year ago I have learned now I think I waited long enough I have tried to appeal multiple times and I obv failed now I just want to continue my GAR career and join legions and have fun again I know I was wrong in the past I learned from that mistake and won’t have my opinion for any legion again I will respect every legion from now on I hope this is enough information for you, Thank you for reading I hope this gets approved. )


You were banned from TSU for being toxic, and then you came here. That is why you have been banned, and once you have corrected all of the details and realized what you have done, you may create and post a new topic, which I will gladly review in a couple of days.

Your appeal has been denied,