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[CLOSED] Pls Unban me on Discord, i am SO Sorry!


Username: Klaus_lieb
Discord: Klaus
Discord Id: #8753
Ban reason: alt


Good day!

I understand that you banned me, I messed up a lot. I also understand that you don’t want to lift my lock because I’ve made too many mistakes. I made mistakes. I cover the mistakes completely!

I love your game. At the moment I’m a raider, I would go back to the GAR anytime! The fact that I play the game, no matter how active, gives me a sign that I will eventually make it into a div. get. A release would be very nice and pleasant on both sides, if not I would be happy if we could make an appointment for the release. I wouldn’t think it would be nice if we talk past each other. I was young and stupid and I regret every single one of my mistakes.

I look forward to your feedback.

Hi there,

Unless you’re able to obtain a vouch from a trusted individual in GAR on behalf of your character, you won’t be unbanned. Alting is a serious offense.

Status: DENIED :x: