[CLOSED] Player Report of random killing me

Username of RK: eggntz
Proof: Random Killer
Description: He basically came up to me and said “Ew Furry” then proceeded to shoot me even though I was not wanted, I passed through the checkpoint with proper clearance and was just exploring around.

Bro im so sorry for what happened to you but i laughed so hard from that bass bossted shooting of an mg and how he says furry i dont wanna say anything bad but that clip is america in a nutshell lol ( no front i still love america ;))

Hi there,

After reviewing the report and the evidence presented I have gone ahead and punished the user accordingly.

There is definitely no room for hate or discrimination within our community and the actions of this user is definitely looked down upon.

Thank you for your report.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: