[CLOSED] Player keeps Random killing and Team killing, even though they were repeatedly asked to stop

Hello, sorry to bother you but I have video evidence of a player called “Yxcxfx” who continued to RK one specific player called “stunnageol” he was a new player and asked me how to play the game. After the bot cleared him at the booth, the player Yxcxfx killed him (I did not get all the kills on camera) after Yxcxfx killed him a few times I started recording.tue raw footage was like 6 minutes long so I took it to capcut and edited out the parts that are not important. I have linked a video posted on my ALT YouTube account. Again sorry to bother you. And I hope you find this helpful.

The link is the evidence video

Hi there,

Thank you for your report.

At this time I have gone ahead and punished the user for random killing.

Should you have any other issues with any members in-game that violate republic law, feel free to report them on to the forums.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: