[CLOSED] Player has been AFK grinding for 2 hours +


Reporter username: ( venzores )
Reported user: ( suuuuuup101 )


( The user has been AFK grinding for 2 hours+ and has his macro on the respawn button. I come back after a long while & after a CT and he’s still here AFK grinding. )


( I can only upload this picture because this website doesn’t allow me to attach my video I recorded of him. Please DM me on discord for the videos. ( You can find me in the group server. )


If you wish to report a user with a video, I suggest just uploading the proof to YouTube, then you can attach it with no problem. With just this proof, I cannot do anything. However if you wish to submit another report, make sure the proof is valid.

Status: Denied :x:

Kind regards,