[CLOSED] Person Glitching


Reporter username: Sisterlocationfan21
Reported user: Min1strY


When I joined the game, I was getting killed by a sniper . I didn’t know were it was coming from so I kept searching. Later I saw him inside a building were No one can go ( The one opposite the bar he was at the top of it ) Then he disappeared. I later saw him enter a bank, but never come back out. ( Even though the vents lead to outside I still assure you he did not go through there. ) Once I searched the bank, I hear shooting. I went and I saw M1nstrY testing out his weapons. I took a picture.


bandicam 2022-08-24 13-22-20-121

Hi there.

As this person could be simply glitched, you need to provide video proof.

  • Axel