[CLOSED] Permanently banned for FAKE pinging the Bot role (Re-appeal)


Username: Hyperio47
Discord: Hyp#1545
Discord Id: 814379279550513212
Ban reason: Pinging bot role


So, I fake pinged the role, even it’s not possible to ping any role in the Discord except the Moderation Team role.

But there is something like a ‘‘command’’ to ping a role, it looks for other that you pinged the role but people who have the role DON’T get pinged. So I tried it with the Bot role, even if the ping would work, no one would get pinged except and bots, and a bot is a bot. But I knew no one will get any ping or notification with it.

The ‘‘command’’ goes so: <@&(Role ID)>, example, <@&372837027923>.

I did this with the Bot role ID and got banned, apologize for that action, since I didn’t know it’s a reason to get perma banned and there is nothing about that in the Discord Rules Trello.

I hope I get unbanned again, for the fourth time, but yeah.


Hello there,

Thank you for the appeal. After much consideration, we’ve decided to deny your appeal. You have had too many infractions in the past and have been banned and appealed for too many times. Your appeal is officially denied, as well as for future attempts.

Appeal Status: Denied :x: