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[CLOSED] Permanently Ban Appeal


Username: Hyperio47
Discord: Hyp#0999
Discord Id: 814379279550513212
Ban reason: Raiding a Discord server of an GAR Officer


Alright, so. A half year ago I raided a Discord server of an ex GAR Officer, Deathfigher88, due people kept telling me to do it, but that doesn’t matter It’s my fault that I raided a server I built with him. I apogolized from Deathfigher a few months later, but he didn’t accept my apogolize. I decided to appeal again after so many months, because I miss GAR. The game, the communtiy. I know I did so many mistakes in GAR, but I believe I changed and gain more maturity, etc, to not do those stuff I did in the past years happen again. So, if we come to the question, why should I be unbanned? Well, I don’t really know why someone who got wasted his chances so many times after he got unbanned. But I am still sorry that I raided the server of an old officer, which was stupid from me, because I did the most stuff in the server and I basicly just raided a server I build.

Well, coming to the end of this appeal, I’m asking for a last chance to return GAR.



Hi there,

Until you have his vouch, you will not be rejoining the GAR community. Raiding Discord groups is a Discord ToS violation and not something we’ll appeal just because you said: “sorry.” You need the person you raided to speak for you.

Status: DENIED :x: