[CLOSED] Permanent ban appeal


Username: ( randomslayer2000 )
Discord: ( randomslayer2000 )
Discord Id: ( randomslayer2000 )
Ban reason: ( sexuall harassment)

Description: Active and experienced.

I got perm banned for sexual harassment. It was all an extremely , disgusting “joke” that didn’t even sound anything like one to most. I don’t ask to be let into 327th ever again but Gar and other divisions. We all make mistakes and it is worth moving on. I put crazy amounts of time into this and I have very high aspirations for the group. I am very active and I swear to be positive and friendly like I usually am in Gar. I wish to apologies to the victim of the situation and others that could be associated with what I did but I can’t and that is extremely upsetting to me that they have to endure on without an apology. I beg you to let me back into Gar and let me move on with a second chance.

The discord ID is not correct.