[CLOSED] Perm Ban appeal discord


Username: FarmingUbozo
Ban reason: Swearing at a racist man


Greeting Moderators & Officers, You should unban me because during that conversation with that person he was disrespecting me and I was also making jokes as well it was a defense I know swearing is against the rules I completely understand but with my anger I started swearing at him I did not realize the warnings the auto moderator was giving me because I was to distracted with the person if you unban me I promise ill try to avoid conversations that include insulting and disrespecting and make the community friendly, as always.

Thank you for your appeal, though due to the extent of your ban I’ve decided to deny your appeal. If you’re unsure as to why then please read the below;

  • Ban is too severe to be appealed at this current moment.
  • Appeal isn’t sincere enough to even be considered due to the extent of your action(s).

Appeal Status: Denied :x: