[CLOSED] Orbitzal reporting McWasher

Reporter username: Orbitzal
Reported user: McWasher

I popped into Coruscant for a bit to see what was up. After some time raiders showed up like usual and I proceeded to combat them. After they finally killed me once one of them (a mando) came over and started T-bagging me. I hovered my mouse over the mando and it turned out to be a Master Sergeant in the 501st division. I then scrambled to get some half-decent evidence together to begin my report on the person. I called him out in on-topic and when he saw it he DMed me instead of continuing on-topic which seemed frantic. He then tried to find poor excuses on why he was innocent and stuff but it made no sense because he was a Master Sergeant in the 501st so it would be very odd for someone of his rank not knowing that mando was not allowed in off-duty raiding. The upload is being weird for me while writing this so if its not there something went wrong. If it is there then in the top left you should see my mouse hovering over him in his mando morph.

( Describe why you are reporting the user )

( Attach any materials which would prove the player has abused )

Hi there!

Thank you for your report, I have gone through the evidence provided, and have deemed no action necessary.

It seems that this person’s actions are not worthy of punishment at this time as they do not break our rules. We will, however, continue to keep an eye out for any further reports made against this individual and take action accordingly.

Report Status: Unfounded :no_entry: