[CLOSED] NoAimLoser2’s Appeal

Username: NoAimLoser2
Discord: Nick!#9128
Discord Id: 528999813254086687
Ban reason: Being a constant nuisance in the community, constantly disrespecting other Officers and HICOM, constant toxicity in chats and overall being a negative presence in GAR


( Describe why you think we should unban you )

I am not going to act like I’m now a changed man and that I’ve learnt from all my mistakes just to get unbanned, however I will say,

Ive been banned for around a month or two and I’ve realized that whilst I did hold strong opinions against people, it was in no way right to bully, insult or make fun of them, yeah sure, having opinions is alright, however I also understood that there is a way to talk about them, and what I did wasn’t one of those ways.

Not only was I a complete bully to people I didn’t like, but also to people that just didn’t do anything and that’s something that I truly want to apologize to anyone that had to deal with me being a dickhead, and even if my sense of humor is still basically just, “fatherless” « where’s your dad bro? » I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a place for such humor to be said, and that place is not in The GAR Discord, something that I will respect from now on.

To the officers and HICOM that I’ve insulted, as I’ve said earlier, whilst I still hold strong opinions about some of you, there is a way to say such opinion and it’s not how I said it, I just insulted y’all without actually having any constructive in it.

I really want to be unbanned because I can finally go back on my PC now and I do want to rejoin ARC and another division so that I can spend my time doing something.

Cheers and thanks for reading,

Already handled by Skyl_l.