[CLOSED] My discord Ban Appeal


Username: G2237GHR
Discord: G2237GHR#9799
Discord Id: 733769226690625667
Ban reason: DM advertising. (I think)


I recently have been banned from the GAR discord as I stupidly clicked on a link which sent a message to everyone I had ever messaged, dming them a link. I know this is wrong and I would never do it and have never done such a thing in the 3 years I have been in GAR. I do not have proof of the hack however I have had a moderator from TSU unban me from that discord as I pleaded my case. The link was sent to me by a friend in dms as a joke but this has gone too far. I have improved security by enabling 2 factor authentication and am sure to check twice on every link I ever press. I hope this is enough to get me unbanned.

And even Notisk knows I was hacked as he was one of the ones the message was sent to.

Discord ban appeal accepted. Going forward, try not to click any suspicious links.