[CLOSED] My community ban appeal


Username: badbluebear9000
Ban reason: Breaking TOS


I got banned for breaking TOS in December of 2020 during a 41st event. It was a video of me going in a back and forth motion to a teammate. When that video got put in on topic, the current executive officer Qas banned me from 41st after I hosted a scrim event, and then I got community banned after that. I realize that what I did was an immature and ludicrous act looking back on it. It is not a good representation of the group, nor is it a good influence on other people. I have learned my lesson from that foolish mistake I did when I was immature back in December of 2020. I’m hoping that a moderator can look at my appeal.

Hi there,

At this time you have been appealed.

Please be aware of your actions moving forward. Any breach of the community standards set forth by both GAR and roblox will lead to your termination from the community with no hope of appeal.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark:

Feel free to pend the group and rejoin the community.