[CLOSED] My ban Appel for myself, a old time friend (me)


Username: Icuthis21
Discord: One Inch (new yt channel btw)#0069
Discord id: 809360266293936128
Ban reason: N/A


Hello! I used to be a 7th sky corps CL for airborne company, after my time I felt I had served my time, and that it was time for someone new to come in and take my position. After I left my position I took a break from Roblox for about 6/7 months. I have now come back and it seems I have been banned from the GAR discord. although I had left the server. So now im requesting to be unbanned. Thanks for your time and thanks for reading this. Have a good rest of your night/day.



Not really sure what got you banned from the GAR Discord as there was no sign of you being banned. You have been unbanned from the GAR Discord, thank you for your patience.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: