[CLOSED] My account got hacked and spammed nitro links

Username: GearsEseLf
Discord: Gears#6178
Discord Id: 953305638581190736
Ban reason: Account hacked | Spammed nitro links


I woke this morning getting ready for school like on a normal day and I went on discord and I saw a lot it pings/dms. I decided to check them I was confused and pissed that all I see is my account sending everyone nitro link scams. I was so confused why that happened and I believed it was a hacker that hacked my account and started sending nitro scam links everywhere. After I few minutes I checked the overwatch bot and saw that I was banned for sending nitro links in dms and in the channel. I checked when this happened and it said that it happened at 5 am for me which clearly I was asleep when it happened therefore I didn’t do it. I have evidence to prove that I was hacked by some fellow 501st members who knew I was hacked. I’m a nice person who knows not to click on nitro scams but this hacker came in randomly and started sending links even though I never clicked on any. I’m requesting that you all understand that this was a huge all misunderstanding and that I should be unbanned. I also deleted all the links from every single person that got it to prevent the spread. I’m also changing my accounts password and activating 2fa to prevent my account from getting banned. Please understand what I’m saying and unban me. I never wanted any of this to happen to this community and I apologize for what has happened to many of you.

Evidence that I was hacked (look at the time when the scam link was sent)

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When do I get a reply?


Upon review of your appeal, I have decided to accept your appeal. Make sure to never send such links again, as it breaks Roblox TOS, Discord Rules and Community Rules and Regulation. If it happens again, you’re gone for good.

See you around!

Status: ACCEPTED. :white_check_mark: