[CLOSED] Multti account using ban and ban avoiding


Username: Bordioseala
Discord: Bordioseala12
Discord Id: #5193
Ban reason: Ban avoid and Multi account ussing
I put on at principal account my fake birthday,and i can’t say the word that i need to say at tryouts,
So,my friend logged out from his account and he don’t play Roblox anymore,
So i buy his account.
I join a tryout
And i say the word i was happy,
And when i DM the host,
I was verified on server with my old account that i can’t say that word.
And when i say my roblox name and some time later
I got ban.
And, now you may ask why i get ban avoid
I used a VPN and make a new account,
Then, when i was so close to pass ,the host kicked all the players (idk why)
and after 10 minutes i got Ban.
I want to be part from the kind and best community on discord
and i want to be CG i try be
CG for 2 years,a HICOM pls watch this!

Appeal denied - howardistoogood