[CLOSED] Mujtabasubhani team killing and refusing to post


username: ( McCamerson_11 )
Reported user: ( Mujtabasubhani )


Team killing, refusing to post etc.

Proof tag any of the special forces and they will reply that he was abusing rules

( Attach any materials which would prove the player has abused )

Hello McCamerson,

Thank you for the report. After looking through the evidence, I have decided not to punish the user due to the fact that TK gets taken care through the automatic in-game ban system. If you witness GAR TKing you again, please ask a divisional in-game for help ASAP.

I would like to once again thank you for your report. Your contribution is what helps this community grow, and to make it an enjoyable experience for all.

Report Status: Denied :x: