[CLOSED] Misunderstood RK

Username: ( ToastedShoes321 )
Ban reason: ( Random Kill )

Description: Hello, I was banned from Coruscant until 2/03/22. Long story short, When I went over to Dooku I asked him to 1v1 me, he said yes and we fought. I come back to say GG and I am met with a ban. I have screenshots of him forgiving me so this can be resolved quicker. I honestly did not mean for it to be situated as RK and it was all in fair-game. I would not DARE make another violation due to my last ban which lasted way longer. Keep in mind through out all of this I was hanging out with Helmetdoge and the other 41st man. Pretty chill. I get Doge was just doing his job but he did not see the full story, and misunderstood my actions. Please unban me and restore my power! I had 57 power and lost 5.

Hi there,

We do not have sufficient proof that you were banned for 1v1ing Dooku. Most likely you were banned for TK.

Status: DENIED :x: