[CLOSED] Missunderstood ban for unauthorizied Event


Username: Polizist333
Ban reason: Unauthorized Event


One hour ago íve got banned for a unauthorizied event on Training Outpost. I joined There to See whats going on. After that a Cadet and a Trooper asked me, what to do in a General Training. I Said that i can Male a Training event for then. After that i asked everyone on the Server for attending my Training event. I Said at the beginning of the event: „Can i take a Screenshot to post it on Screenshots in GAR on Discord.“ After that i explaniert that they cant earn any power, because the „event“ is just a Training. They Said: „ Yes/Understood sir.“ I begab the Video i Post below as a link. After 2 minuits when i was starten with faces and explain how to do faces a Zeus Company Man came. I thought nothing about it because je was Strandung in STS and didnt Said ańything 1 minuits After that íve got banned for one Montag or smt like that. Thats pretty Bad for me and i am asking for an Umbau here.

Here is the prove wäre you can See Problem Talking and Strandung how they want.They all know that they cant earn power and i am writing false things. So, after that the other SM should take over and he didnt knew what to do. Then íve got banned.

Thank you for reading and hopefully helping me, it was a dumb idea to help other people needing help. I will never help people who need help in the future. Have a nice day and help me,
Thank you,

#push thank you for help

Hi there,

Due to the overwhelming proof and admittance of hosting an illegitimate event, I will be denying your appeal.

Regardless of your intention of hosting the event, as I mentioned previously, it violates republic law and you must face the consequences with your actions.

It doesn’t matter if it was a joke or if everyone thought it was a joke.

Hopefully with this ban you learn from this mistake.

Status: Denied :x:


I see this as a bad reason to ban someone. At the end of the day it is a lego starwars game and if people want to have fun and host a mini event let them. It isn’t some big deal that should take away the chance for someone playing the game to not be able to play it anymore.

Please don’t reply to the appeals/reports after they have been dealt with, thanks.