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[CLOSED] Mike perm ban me for cussing in game


Username: ( XxEliteYeetXx123
Ban reason: me cuss in-game like a lot of times and made alts in gar and mike perm ban me in game ouch


i cussed and bypassed and I won’t do it again I promise :slight_smile:

( Describe why you think we should unban you ) It would be very cool if I would get unbanned mister mike. Also I’ll stop well I already did stop making alts in gar and also I’ll stop bypassing I promise


Hi there,

Not only did you continuously bypass, you also continuously spread hate messages and created innumerable alt accounts to alt into GAR discord to mass ping those who punished you. You are a threat to this community and you will not be unbanned until you prove to me that you’re mature and are no longer the person you were.

Status: DENIED :x: