[CLOSED] Master Sergeant and 2 Guys Helping Him To Host a Fake Training

Reporter username: OMEGACHALLENGER_YT
Reported user: Andrewmcca (Host) , blacky37000 (Assistant) , destroyer546632 (Assistant)

Well what happened was that I joined that server since I knew that something was not right because there were many Guys on the server, Then when a 41st trooper Tells me that a boy was doing a false training and that he took some photos before I arrived.

I went to where he told me that they were organizing the False Training I looked at them and they were in half training when I told him that this was a false training 2 Guys “from their organized training” they both hunted me and stopped when the other finished the Training and Welp he began to shouting at me telling me that it was not false training and that I was blind to see it.

I told him that I record it and right now if you want to look at it And the guy got a little arrogant saying that GAR does not let anything do and that they do not have freedom and things like that Well, he got bored and He left.


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I would like to set the record straight about this post, if you watch the video I never said once that it was a training, I had never said in the video or ever that gar doesn’t let anything do, and I never said that gar doesn’t give me freedom, I never said it in the videos or out of the videos, this was not a organized event nor was it ever a event, also the photos are taken out of context when I said bingo it was because I asked a cadet what it means when I say “please don’t shoot others”, I made it clear this was not a training and that nothing is given out, also I said to him and I quote “I’m leaving” before I left, thank you for your time.

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In video is that you speak “arrow dosnt work like that” so you were doing formations so you training them formations. And when you didnt host anything why you were on spot for hosts?

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they choose to be on the spots, and someone asked about formations so I said that I could tell them how to do some.

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I dont tell them were on spots, you were on spot for host.

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He also Was Hosting , He tell Me That the “Fake Training” is just a Normal Trainign for them.

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they could have been on the spot for host they asked me to teach a formation idc where they would stand they had complete free will and they asked me for help

excuse me I have never said that in the video or outside it, I will not be accused by you because you made something up

Yes you answered that to the cadet in the image but why did I see you doing formations and that the troopers followed you? that’s a fake Training , the 41st guy told me you were doing that for a long time.

So you wanted to teach them formations, so it was a training.

That’s is a Training and Also False Training.

oh really, and is being against the rules to

Just face your punishment since these tests say that you were organizing a False Training and also I warned you multiple times and you did not listen to me.

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By the way Read the rules in General such as Do not do TK, RK and False Trainings.

Like everyone else in GAR I have worked hard for my rank and I won’t let two people who didn’t watch the video, wasn’t there the whole time, and lie take it from me

  1. I cannot take your rank since I am not an HR.

  2. Those who comment here are those who already know about the subject and also all have the floor.

  3. We all work hard but man I warned you multiple times not to.

  4. Please understand you committed a crime and it is clearly a crime with the evidence just face it.

I have spent enough time listening to you, your story isn’t accurate and who are you to “warn me” about what telling one of my friends how to do formations, I don’t think you know the story.

It clearly shows you using the training grounds hosting something. Even if it’s an “unofficial training” it is still not allowed.

true, I will take the blame for that, that’s about all there is tho

Yes, and it’s not allowed.