[CLOSED] Master serg telling troopers and corp to tk


Reporter username: ( Your username ) 7amik23
Reported user: ( Username of user you’re reporting ) chickenboy111pop


( Describe why you are reporting the user ) This user told a trooper corp to tk me i killed an immigarnt for coming in our spawn i gave her 2 warnings to leave but she didnt so i killed her as that was an restricted area. the master serg was in the way and i was shooting her so the master serg tk me 2 times as well as another trooper. and also has been harasing me


( Attach any materials which would prove the player has abused ) robloxapp 20210626 0805586 - YouTube

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I can’t ban the chickenboy111pop because, while he shouldn’t do it, he’s not breaking any rules. However, because The501stLegion YT killed you, I can legally ban him from team killing.

Report Status: Unfounded :no_entry: