[CLOSED] Mass Murder Server


Reporter username: ( Tyberzann321 )
Reported user: ( ZquidZ )


( I was answering questions to get through the border when someone killed the two clones at the desk then the clone inside killed me for no reason. This has been like this since I first joined in. Been unorderly clones are fighting with each other and some are just mass murdering people with no staff to stop this. This is only one of the players I got on recording doing stuff like this. Since I found out how to record ill try to get more and add onto this report. Edit: So The first video is the the named trooper and the second is just a lot of the troopers mass murdering I am not listing all names you guys can see the video yourself and pick them out cause as of right now as you will see in the second video I might as well just be done with this server.)

I Continue to get more evidence of mass murders on you’re servers and its not just regular troopers its coporals higher ranks doing it as well. Warrant Officers even done it and allowed people to get away with this.


(https://streamable.com/shg19r /// https://streamable.com/bv3fvd )

He killed you because you cut in line.

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It is not mass murdering and u should’ve gone to the poeple that are like guarding that little area

They would not kill that guy that was afk at the first video they told everyone to just go around him. They killed the guy that tried to cut me off. He killed me after someone killed his two friends inside the room it had nothing to do with cutting line rewatch video.

So at the end of the second video was not a mass murder where troopers were randomly coming up and killing everyone in line that didnt do anything wrong and was following the rules??? Also what are you talking about. I feel like you two were the ones doing it and trying to defend yourself. That was clearly all RKs.

Sorry. I did not watch the full video.

Hi there,

Thanks for your report. I have looked into the evidence provided and deemed no action necessary.

The player you reported did not break any of our laws. He terminated you in command of the Sergeant, for several reasons.

Sorry if this incident caused any inconvenience, we will continue to look for these reports and handle them accordingly.

Report status: Unfounded :stop_sign: