[CLOSED] Main discord unban appeal

Username: Marshmello446736
Discord: Vinisumelf#1565
Discord Id: 652236917647212544
Ban reason: Like 7 months ago, I downloaded my anti virus (because I got a new computer), then after I launch it, it started spamming nitro scam link. Also I changed my password, I activated 2FA but like I got banned from HRE and GAR, so I would like to be unbanned because I still have goal within this game.

I should be unbanned because I still have goal in this game. My first goal was RC, I’m pretty good at combat. Also I should be unbanned because now I know how to know if it’s a scam link or if it’s a good link. I learned from my error, so now I will have more attentions about what I download.

Hi there,

Thank you for your patience.

I have decided to accept your appeal. Please be cautious whenever you click on random links/download applications from an untrusted source.