[CLOSED] LNEGY ban appeal


Username: ( LNEGY )
Ban reason: ( Cuff abusing )


( Hello staff, I know this a high offense and it people rarely appeal this but hear me out please. I got pbanned roughly a year ago for cuff abusing, one of my biggest mistakes in ROBLOX just because I don’t get banned that often or break high offense rules or medium ones. At the time I recently had left my BARC Scrim team Commander position and was RC officer a month or 3 before that. I had join CG cause at the time I was a clanner and CG was pretty stacked. I wasn’t aware of the rules that much because I mainly focused on clanning stuff/scrims/dts in divisions. I was also a raider in tsu but nothing that much. I had got bored of being in CG and asked to get exiled because I was on trial for longer than I was supposed to be. They had told me no and I kept saying I wanted to get exiled because the division is so boring and someone had dmed me saying I had to do an “INDOC” just because I said CG was a trash division and I was like wtf. I asked what was an INDOC and they said it was punishment and I said I wouldn’t be doing that because I’m supposed to be kicked. They said I would permanently blacklisted from everything just because I called the division trash and I was honestly pissed cause I enjoyed the GAR community and didn’t want to get blacklisted from everything just cause I said the division was trash. I had spent a lot of money in game so I had like items like jetpack and started to jail everyone. At the time I didn’t know cuff abusing was such a high offense and the punishment was this harsh. I’m truly sorry for my actions and to the people who I jailed and everyone I disturbed. Since then I’ve been an officer in many branches and divisions in TSU and familiar with the rules considering they’re the same I think. I’ve been an officer with cuffs and haven’t abused. Please unban me, I’ve spent so much time, effort, and money on the game and in the community and I miss being in it. Please give me a chance. )

Your nature is toxic. Always.


After speaking with GAR HICOM, and my personal judgement, we have decided that this crime is too severe for you to be unbanned at this time. Cuffs are something that were a privilege, and someone going out of their way to purposefully abuse them will not be allowed back in the GAR community any time soon.

Status: Denied :x:

Kind regards,